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i downloaded the mission in early announcement within the german forum, may be ...

but no problem
sorry for that ...

hope there were no bigger problems inside

the "german" mission worked good for me, except the Stennis Tacan channel ...
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Originally Posted by Wags View Post
Sorry, but no. In the current version you start 60 nm from the target and 40 nm from the lead MiG flight. That is plenty of time/distance. Hardly "a few miles".

So I just tested this. As soon as the mission starts you're traveling at about 320 knotts with the enemy heading straight to you. If you maintain this speed, alt, and course you have exactly 120 seconds before the bandits are 1nm from you. But you probably want to be ready by the time they're 20nm from you.

Yes, that's enough time to prepare for some people, but not everyone wants to start the engagement at 320 knotts, and accelerating only means you have far less time to prepare for the engagement and obtain a situation awareness. So, yes.

I really don't see why it's a problem having additional time to setup the engagement.
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