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Default Mission 8 cannot contact Batumi Tower

This is a combined mission design, DCS problem. Currently you need to contact ATC to get them to turn on runway lights. Because the fleet is parked right at Batumi, you end up with this situation where you can overfly Batumi but still not contact ATC because of the limited number of radio options, as many slots are taken up by the ships of the fleet. In addition, London Farp, Kobuleti, and even Senaki are still on the list even though Batumi is the closest aerodrome, seems a frustrating DCS bug there.

I think easiest solution would be switch some of the ships in the fleet to static objects so they don't hog radio slots. Note that even on the ground next to the cargo you still cannot contact ATC. My workaround was to use the ILS with no runway lights.

To put this as mildly as possible, I experienced a high level of frustration on my first attempt at this mission.
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Wait one other thing, Batumi is on the red coalition in this mission, is that deliberate?
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I can confirm those mentioned problems. it would be nice if it would be possible to contact Batumi because it's really very dark and it's hard to see the runway.
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The mission is of high frustration level... The search light is just illuminating some rain but has no real effect on ground, it is almost of no use at all. The illumination of the cockpit itself makes it even harder, the contrast is hard to deal with.
The radio menus are overfull and missing Batumi is quite a drawback, landing is very hard without illumination.
When cargo is hooked the problem of getting the navy to light up is not easy, I messed around with the radiomenus while flying and dropped into the sea.
Since the mission involves quite a long transport, it takes a long time to start all over again. Hard night conditions should involve a short mission, not a long one, this is a frustrating mission - not a fun one.
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