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Default Non -T.A.R.G.E.T. Warthog F18 profile needed - please

Good day folks,

I'm looking to save some serious time with setting up each button on my F18. Everytime I have used a TARGET profile I have had issues. With every update I'm at a loss and have to reload everything. Is there a .diff.lua already that someone has done in a painstakingly precise manner to get their HOTAS Warthog juuust right that they'd be willing to share with a fellow Hornet driver? I'd really appreciate it. If not, can someone tell me how, without TARGET, one can program their joystick to use 2 buttons ie paddle button held down while moving TWS to the left or right?

Thanks so much
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I´m using TARGET for my Throttle and map my grips in DCS, so i have no profile for you. But maybe you wanna try joystick gremlin? I don´t have experience with this software, but it´s reputation seems to be excellent...
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RS Mapper or Joy to Key.
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