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Default Marianas islands Map

Posted on DCS Screenshots
More news to the front
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Yes! Great news and great for carrier ops! Excellent choice of an area to map...looking forward to hearing about the details!
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cool. dont forget your bathing suits!
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More info to come in the newsletter
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so, decent trees and grass are possible in DCS
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Finally! Thank you!
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What a nice surprise !!!!

btw. I hope it will be fro free, completing the Caucasus map.
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That is awesome news. Hopefully a really big ocean space to let fleets stretch they’re legs.
Also looks stunning.
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ED, I am a fanboy since the first piece of the flanker series, but what a waste of ressources. . . sorry. . . no one needs that. never heard before that this island is ever existing in real world. . . why no area with historical background, e.g. cold war, balkans. . . i dont need a holiday map.
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The map is looking nice! I'm concerned however about its playability for non-carrier planes. I know is a kind of stupid question to make for a largely ocean map, but if there's going to be just 1 airfield PVP MP servers are going to have a tough time including the maximum variety possible of planes, basically restricting the teams to the F-14, F-18, Harrier and Su-33. Could we have a map of the surrounding area? At least some information about the airfields present in the zone. I'm excited for this map but I can't help but feel this is going to be an exclusively PVE map because the other side will have few or none options to operate on it if it isn't via air spawns.
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