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The resolution is to fix the other missiles in the game, not nerf the one in the game that actually works (or close to works).

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The current AIM-54 ingame won't get fixed or tweaked. It will get replaced by an entirely new AIM-54 by Heatblur. This is, AFAIK, an entirely new development of the missile and has nothing in common (code wise) with the missile currently ingame.
We will have to see how this new missile performs when it's available.
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We all now no matter how the new AIM54 performs it will be an exceptionally controversial subject anyways.
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Historically though there was little use for the Phoenix after the ussr.
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During real war you never fire at 85km nor even 20 until you're absolutely sure that the plane you're firing at is hostile, there's no IFF to tell you so. This is a simulation but it has its limits aswell

I really think we should have more core systems implemented next, like better radios/ATC/AWACS/Transponder. Sadly, this doesn't sell more modules
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What I found really interesting about the AI F-14 can maintain lock at long range even when you turn cold. I've tried engaging them in the F-15 and basically you just evade the 54s while the F-14s close in so that you can get missiles off to force them defensive or get the kill. At least with 120s, though you could probably pull it off with ETs.
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It seems the AI has cheater radar capabilities. Yesterday my AI Mirage 2000C wingman was able to pick up enemy fighters on scope from 100 miles away! I can never pick up fighter sized aircraft any further than 40nm away in the Mirage.
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Originally Posted by Ironhand View Post
I found this to be an interesting read: Forecast International Archived Report: AIM-54A/C/C+ Phoenix. The part that caught my eye:

In airborne testing, the AIM-54A achieved enviable results, with the success rate running at 88 percent over the entire test program. Of the 56 missiles fired during contractor tests, 43 were scored as hits. During 1973 the Phoenix hit targets at ranges of 202 kilometers (109 nautical miles) and attained an altitude of more than 30,480 meters (100,000 feet). A Phoenix also hit a BQM-34A drone simulating a cruise missile at an altitude of only 15 meters (50 feet) above the sea.
Given the source, there might be an agenda but the report contains some interesting info just the same. Also refers to an infrared subsystem on the missile.

But this part below makes me wonder if this success rate was against targets flying in straight line:

In one conclusive test in 1973, six AIM-54As were launched within 37 seconds against six drones at ranges up to 80 kilometers (43.19 nautical miles), with four of these scoring direct hits. The fifth Phoenix was unable to intercept as the drone veered off course, while the sixth missile experienced hardware failure.
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No, some were maneuvering. Veered off course is not an adequate statement upon which to make assumptions - missiles are sensitive to target parameters, and what if that thing was 40nm away and veered waaaay off course? Like 90 deg off course.

Keep in mind that we don't know the launch altitude for these tests, either. A 20000' 0.9M shot can easily be half the range or less of a high-altitude high-speed shot (say 40000' mach 2)

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