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Originally Posted by SonofEil View Post
Ah, I was responding to the original thread topic which was referring to:
No worries, I should have been more clear.
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Many years past due and something that really should be top priority. A realistic aircraft simulator needs to include a realistic simulation and visual depiction of weather.
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Im all for new stuff like anyone else but old stuff should be fixed first.
There are probably small bugs and issues with every single module that should be fixed first.
High fidelity clouds and weather are a bit hit on the fps so Im not sure you will ever get what you wish for in Digital Combat Simulator.

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Now this video here really got me. wow, this will become the future of DCS one day, it will, just hope it's in our life time.

Originally Posted by robert.clark251 View Post
You got me hooked man. I am now a fan of this engine and think DCS needs this! After watching this, it almost looks like they could do global tech with this.

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Tom Kazansky
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Me too.
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Looks fabulous for the environment. I wonder though does the engine also provide the necessary coding capabilities that ED requires for Module FMs, weapon ballistics etc, or is that a completely different thing?
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++1 for new Clouds and atmospheric effects.
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Yes. Please.
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I don't know if it all needs to be 'high fidelity' and 'complex eye candy'. Just a few major problems with the old weather engine really need to be fixed for sure.

But then, maybe there aren't so many news about it because it's not easy but work is going steadily, who knows.
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