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Default Improved AI Missile Defence


Recently, ED made a change to the AI making them break away from a missile, (If they could detect it.) at 30% of missiles range, (which is appears to be a function of altitude and not some static value,) or if the missile was 10nm away, whichever comes first. This new method works great for long range missiles like the Phoenix or Amos (since 30% of their range is on the order of almost two dozen miles,) but unfortunately, not so well for most MRM's (see tracks below). It just so happens that 30% of most MRM ranges falls below the 10nm mark below 40000ft which means that there is no change in behavior for AI defence when it comes to MRM's. As of right now, the breakaway maneuver consists of the aircraft pitching up, (a suicide move most of the time,) puting the missile abeam, and then diving for the deck. This type of move usually ends up being a fireball. Again, this provides little to no challenge for those wanting one in singleplayer (Note that this applies to ALL SKILL LEVELS). Essentially you can just get within 15 miles of the target, shoot, and run away! Frankly, this is exactly what the enemy should be doing as well! (For Fox 3's anyway). At this point I recommend two solutions that actually can easily be welded together into one. It is as follows. One: Allow for the user to manually input breakaway distance inside an advanced waypoint action, much like for the range in which escort aircraft will attack threats. Two: Create a new advanced waypoint action for "Reaction to Threat," which has the defensive aircraft perform a split s maneuver, also see track below. As you can see, these two solutions can easily be combined. For instance, in advanced waypoint actions you could have, "perform split s at 15nm before impact." With something like this implemented, more and more AI pilots would be going home everyday! Lets face it, at the end of the day, these bots just want to go home to their families. This would also address the concern for the AI being too aggressive as well SHOULD THE USER WANT TO DO SO!. I hope many people see this post and realize what a tremendous breakthrough this would be for the AI. Thanks again.

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+1 This has potential. I'd welcome improvements to the AI's logic when it comes to BVR tactics.
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