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Originally Posted by Morkva_55 View Post
Ok, I would like to say a few words about our mod.
- Please do not build unnecessary illusions - what we do will be an extremely simplified semblance of a real plane.
- We are unlikely to compare with the already existing mods created by talented groups - A-4E-C and MB-339.
- Due to the fact that we are creating our mod in a team of two people for quite a long time, we are fully understand our capabilities.
- We urge you not to build in vain expectations. In the best case, what you get will be a faster analogue of the Su-25T with the expansion of capabilities for delivering bombing strikes and defeating air defense systems.
- We are trying to implement all those additional features that are available to us via custom LUA device.
- Expecting a full implementation is not worth it, but at the same time, we are doing our best not to create another x-fighter or UFO-like mod.
- Due to the employment at work and the presence of personal life, we can devote a relatively short time to working on a mod - therefore, we kindly ask you not to ask repeated questions about the timing of the release of the mod.
- As soon as we realize that the mod is ready for public distribution, we will do it with great pleasure.

Thanks for reading all this boring stuff!
Thank you for your dedication and excellent work.
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May I ask if you're using the AI Su-24 model for your exterior? The cockpit obviously looks self-made and is very nice. I can only imagine the time it took to align everything.
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