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Default Wheels dig into tarmac when taxiing

There seems to be a problem with the mig21 when you taxi. When you turn the wheels dig into the tarmac as if the tires have almost no air in them. When you straighten out after a couple of meters they pop out of the ground again.

I have tried this on all maps, all airfields, problem persists across all states. I attached 2 track files, one with full pylons and one with a empty plane, when weight is added it is much worse. I have re downloaded DCS and all modules and I use no mods. No other plane I own does this.

To recreate the problem load in the mig with some bombs, and turn while taxiing.
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Confirm, the same problem. MiG-21 instaled yesterday on Stable 2.5.6 version
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Same issue here on Open Beta.
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Same here. I also noticed that with some particularly heavy loadouts (e.g. 2x wing tanks, 2x Groms) you don't need to be turning for one of the wheels to sink into the tarmac.
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I believe this was a recognized bug in a thread not too long ago, in relation to the nose wheel digging in. In that thread, I mentioned the mains were digging in as well, and Hiromachi acknowledged it was being worked on.

I’ve noticed that the mains dig in on the takeoff run as well (full internal fuel, with no stores). They dig in enough that burst tires tend to happen more frequently than before. The new suspension system and taxying on grass is WIP, so hopefully improvements will include tires.
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Same here, non beta.
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Noticed it as well, when you take tight turns the airplane tilts to one side quite a bit, even at low speed and you can hear a scratching noise as if you lost a tire. Needs a fix asap.
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Any chance of a fix with the next OB patch?
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