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Default Door gunner firing sound stuck on

Hoping that others have seen this too.

The door gunner firing sound can get stuck on, so that even when the gunner is not firing, or the position is occupied by the player (and not firing), the machine gun sound still runs, continuously.

I observe this with unlimited ammo, and it usually occurs when you take over the door gunner while he is either engaging, or set to engage targets (free fire, return fire).

Sometimes I can get the sound to go off by repeatedly switching to the door gunner and back and hitting the fire button.

It can become a very annoying flight back to base with the gun rat-tat-tatting the entire way.

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I did not encounter that problem so far, but I must also say I did not use the gunners in SP lately. I'd have to test it out.

In MP, there's another issue with the door gunner sound though. You don't hear them at all when they're firing. Long story short, the door gunner sounds should be investigated by the devs ;-)
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