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This was my post in another thread I also found several other GE sources that showed less then 4 seconds idle to mil.

I was just looking at some documents and several of them have said under 4 seconds from IDLE to initial A/B light on the F404. I know A/B light time is random as engine has to go through the process etc. I have tried to time it in the sim and even if only count time after I push throttle full forward its 5.5-6.5 seconds from idle to 100% I wonder if this is why some feel the drag is to high or very easy to get behind the power curve. This is measuring it after I already pushed throttles up so thats letting engines get up about 75% before I even hit timer lol. If I time from when I start moving throttle it takes about 6.5 or little over like theres a bit of lag for the command to hit FADEC or we. I am only timing to 100% on display not A/B light etc.

Is the throttle response to slow? I know the turbines spool from Low RPM slower then High RPM but even on the Wiki it says the F404 was known to respond fast for carrier ops. Says around 4 seconds for idle to lighting A/B. This is what several documents show online aswell.

In the GE document it says on average 3.25 seconds from idle to full thrust. The F404 in game doesn't spool idle to full thrust in 5 seconds let alone 3.25.

Several Official Sources.
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Looking at the airplane acceleration table Druid provided, the Hornet needs only 4sec to accelerate by 60kts.
Considering that the engine acceleration alone takes already 3sec in the DCS Hornet, the too slow RPM/thrust build up might be an indication of a too low basic airframe drag.
This in turn might explain the too high gear and/or flap drag in an attempt to offset the too low basic drag.
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Originally Posted by Panthir View Post
The only way to fix this "deadband" is to go to Throttle Axis tune and set SATURATION Y to 83% for both Throttles. It works for Warthog and other Throttles as well.
Thank you so much! I gave refueling a try today and was having trouble due to the lag in response. I either was at too much power or not enough and kept playing that back and forth game. I found your post, changed to the 83 Saturation and wow did that make all the difference. I went back up with these setting's and fully topped off on the first try. Even my landing at Khasab afterward was much easier staying on speed. Awesome tip! Thanks again!

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