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View Poll Results: Would you prefer a Subscription based model if it meant more focus could be dedicated
Yes 70 16.43%
No 347 81.46%
Only if it doesn't slow down the rate that new modules are being released 9 2.11%
Voters: 426. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 11-17-2019, 12:24 AM   #11
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Absolutely yes.
Microsoft Office 365 works this way and I am a happy consumer even if some open source office suite alternatives exist. I've tried them but they are not the same.
If a dcs world 365 / module "x" 365 subscription method of some kind could help to get quicker updates even for older modules, less bugs and such, I'm 100% in.
I do not know if a subscription would be enough to get this result (subscription = more money = more developers? a bigger team and so quicker updates?). I do not know but If so then I'd say yes.

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I will drop DCS faster than a hot potato if I have to pay a subscription fee to fly my Hornet.
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works great at iracing
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Just no

Thing is....Zuckerberg is definitely an Alien... Some Kind of Grey Hybrid

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thats a stupid ideia to say the least, and comparing with iracing model (with leagues, championships, etc) is dumber yet.
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Yes, but only if it speeded up development and only completed planes would be sold.
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Nope, I have already paid for most of the modules, I'm not interesting in paying them monthly without them giving some hardcore promises. Plus I'm happy with the current plan
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Why do people think we aren’t going to have options? It’s probably going to be an alternative, not a mandate. It’s not like when subscription comes out overnight ED is taking away our modules
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Old 11-17-2019, 01:25 AM   #19
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please, can someone explain to me, how one would prefer a subscription over a normal pay-per-license-model (you know, like software used to be sold)?
i honestly cannot iamgine, why someone would promote such anti-consumer-behaviour. i'm confused. i'm also sad how quickly people get used to such corperate bullshit, so much that they now seemingly want that bullshit on everything...

*edit* well it seems to be the minority luckily, but i still find it bewildering.
My personal wishlist after 2 years with dcs:

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A subscription model would be unfair for the third party developers, if it gave access to all modules, no matter how good or bad they are. All the income would go in one pot and ED would have to decide how much share each dev would get. In the current pay model the customer decides this. 3rd party devs could loose their motivation to create good products with such a subscription model.

On the other hand, if every module required a separate subscription, then it would probably end in a total mess. While you are flying with one module, you might neglect the others resulting in wasted money for the customer. Thus some customers might decide that they only subscribe for very few modules and therefore they would not be able to fly those other modules occasionally for a few hours. It would also result in less income for ED, when people subscribed to just a few modules.

Also like others have mentioned here, a subscription model is very bad for the customer. It makes planning ahead your financials harder. Making decisions about when to subscribe or unsubscribe is very annoying.

Last but not least ED is planning to create upgrade modules, which is going to allow them to support older modules without such a crazy subscription model. Currently they are only planing to offer an upgrade for the Ka-50, but I am sure other modules will follow. In my opinion this is the best payment model.

Originally Posted by AeriaGloria View Post
Why do people think we aren’t going to have options? It’s probably going to be an alternative, not a mandate. It’s not like when subscription comes out overnight ED is taking away our modules
If ED had two different payment models, then some customers might find it very unfair. E.g. if the subscription price would be too low compared to the one-time payment, then many people would complain.
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