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Default Helo friendly servers

Does anybody have recommendations for more Helo friendly servers? The ones I've played on are fine for cargo related missions but attack helo's really suffer around fixed wings. Either the fixed wings are robbing us of targets or they're using us for target practice.
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Deadbeefs layer kaukasus offensive, its a dynamic campaign where helos play major role
I would suggest you to check it out.
Here is webpage with live map:
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Very difficult issue Picklemonster. Unless you can find a RW dedicated server, helos are very rarely considered other than for some pick ups and CSAR tasking, and always targeted by FW newbies because they are easy kills. I would generally advise to avoid public servers in general and public servers with missions/campaigns designed for FW in mind with RW as an after thought more specifically. We just don't live in the same World, and when we do it can be done only in a coordinated manner within a purposely built cooperative mission. Without that, you'll just get frustrated flying MP.

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thefraternitysim server is an excellent PvE server for helo action. Some of the missions on the cold war server pertain to good helo action also from my experience.
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The Helicopter Tournament would give you some great helo vs helo (and some ground attack) action. The skill requirement isn't quite as high as in some high profile fixed wing tournaments.

I think the older helis would have good room in some low intensity conflicts in MP, but there's obvious mission design issues if the mission creator predominantly flies fixed wing.

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Havoc server has some helicopter task missions
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