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Exclamation Open multiplayer mass-test 2.5.4

Dear virtual pilots, we plan to make second open multiplayer mass-test. The goal is to catch some network issues related on dedicated server. These issues appears in large missions with a lot of players and events (especially in scripted missions). It will help us to improve dedicated server launched without 3D rendering.

Planned date is January 29, 19-00 ZULU. Server will be created by Eagle Dynamics staff on version (you can use Release or Open Beta). Terrain: Caucasus. Mission and necessary scripts provided by group handled well known Blue Flag server. All views in mission are unlocked, mission tasks provided by scripts.

I will inform about server IP address later in this post, you can also see it in TeamSpeak chat. Planned test time is approx. 1.5..2 hours.

Servername: ED Minsk mass-test server, IP:, no password

All communication provided by ED TeamSpeak server (password removed, your channels are 'Mass test - EN' or 'Mass test - RU'):

Event admins: me, BillyCrusher, NineLine. Beta-testers will help us also.

Please be sure your DCS World version is match above mentioned. You can familiarize with mission on our test server (NOTE: this server launched only for pre-test. Mass-test will be launched on another server, see above)
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We are pleased to help with this effort!
Will definitely try to attend.
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So just jump in the test mission, Have a fly then ready for mass test.

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Great! We will be there.
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Please also inform the teamspeak server password :-)
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Mr. B
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Sounds interesting.

What is the player cap you are putting in place?
All aircraft types available on both sides?
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....You can count on me like one two three.....
I'll be there.....

See you in the sky
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So all players will be in same team playing vs. Ai? ("Mission tasks provided by scripts")
Small typo in Rik's post, says "stuff" instead "staff".
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Originally Posted by DanielNL View Post
So all players will be in same team playing vs. Ai? ("Mission tasks provided by scripts")
Small typo in Rik's post, says "stuff" instead "staff".
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