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Default Cannons underpowered?

Hi all, flown the 15 quite a bit recently, and currently making my way through the Museum Relic campaign.

Really enjoying it, but in a lot of cases I find myself wondering how on earth a target survived.

For example, in the mission with the apache helicopters by the dam, I finished the mission with 0 score, despite (according to the mission log) scoring more than a dozen hits on one apache with the 37mm alone, plus tons of 23mm hits. Also scored a very near hit with the bombs on the same unit. Feel like not many planes should be able to take that kind of punishment.

Very next mission it's the same thing, dumped nearly my entire ammo stock into one Su25 with majority hitting before it went down. Next one I got 5 hits in with the 37mm and it just kept going. (Despite being visibly on fire) Am I wrong in thinking a few 37mm rounds would ruin the day of most aircraft, regardless of era? Earlier in the camp I had no issue with a-10's, which would go down with 1-3 hits -- so was curious if something changed in a recent patch?
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Helicopters seem freaking immortal in DCS. It's not just the Apache.

On most targets the 37mm does pretty well. one or two hits will bring down all aircraft except the Viggen in my experience. Not shot at most of the newer releases though
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It's not just the Apache.
Depends. I shot down an AI insurgent Hip with just 2 short bursts from the L-39ZA's 23mm the other day and she literally went to pieces after the second burst. Maybe there's something wrong with the 15's cannons because the Albie's guns seem to work?
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Try shooting a Chinook
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The helicopter damage models have been broken for many years.

I was very annoyed with it a few years ago, when in the Ka-50 campaign, I would fail to down Mi-24s with a difficult Vikhr shot, only to be subsequently killed by said Mi-24.

I made a bug report and provided tracks in test conditions, shooting at hovering helicopters, some needing two or more Vikhrs to go down.

Seems not much has changed on this front.
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Yeah it seems the problem lies more with the damage models
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Funny thing is that the player-controlled helis tend to drop like bricks from being struck by just a miniscule amount of infantry small arms fire, it's even worse than getting hit by tracers from vehicles.

The damage model is definitely bad.
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