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Default The Flying Panda's FreeFlight

The Flying Panda's Freeflight is made so that you can fly and do what you want. The is spots for BVR, Dogfighting, AI ground Targets, Ships, SEAD, and AI Aircraft. This is a NOOB friendly sever. A TFP member is on almost 27/7 and we are here to help you learn the aircraft. We have Discord as well as TeamSpeak.

Rules for the Server:
Be respectful
Take off from the runway only
No unconsented teamkilling
Do not block runways or taxiways
No firing weapons or dogfighting within 10nm of friendly airfields
Don't put more than 3 smoke pods per plane
Listen to admins - they have the final say

Server IP:
TFP Kane"Sticks"
Sever manger for The Flaying Pandas

The Flying Pandas Info


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