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Default Growling sidewinder PvP server

Me and a friend recently tried a few air to ground missions in the KA50 in this server.

We were constantly being shot down by enemies even though we flew low and destroyed the ground radars/datalink towers.

It was then we realised that the spectator view shows all the planes in the server and it occurred to us that it wouldn't be hard to create another account and run DCS on a laptop to show a map of the whole game to see.

With that in mind, why does the growling sidewinder server allow people to see all the planes in spectator mode? It seems like this is easily exploited for an advantage and stops people from playing air to ground roles.
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In all likelyhood you were shot down regardless of side restricted external views.
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+1 I agree with Frostie.
Unless you're very low and slow the Hornet DL is too powerfull for you to evade. This was already discussed many times in this forum. Feel free to search

I suggest you join GS discord to voice your oppinion as we do. Personally I already asked him to look at this spectator view as it could be used to do something unfair but.. not sure what is on his mind, its his server and he's free to do whatever he likes.

Lately I rarely fly on this server as the mission never changed AFAIK, spectator can be exploited, its kinda boring to be honest.
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Taking ocasion

I lost my IP to growling sidewender. Now i cannot see it on main list. Can any body can confirm that the open conflict is online ? if so.....pls..... could You guys share an direst ip adress ?

Mny tnx in advance
JuSt FlYing
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No issues still there
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