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Unhappy Issues with key bindings for my HOTAS Warthog, they occasionally work

Hi all,

First of all, I would like to say hi as I am a new user on this forum. I used to play flightsims over ten years ago, and after a long break, I have now purchased the A-10C module as well as HOTAS Warthog, and I cannot wait to learn everything about the Hog. I can see from having done research on here that the forum is full of fantastically knowledgeable people, great resources and opportunities to both share as well as seek advice and help on whatever comes to mind, and that is awesome!

I am having some difficulties with my setup, and it might be sheer incompetence that is causung the trouble, so I would like to seek some help on here. Since it is poor forum etiquette to simply ask for help without researching and trying solutions, I have of course tried many (and I will mention them below).


1. My main issue is that the POV button on the joystick itself does not work with View slow mappings (I am not using headtracking/VR...yet). Using modifier Lctrl, I can trim the plane perfectly whilst flying, but using just POV without modifier so as to change view does not work.

2. Another issue is my Coolie Hat button. Coolie Hat Left, Right and Down works fine, but Up is somewhat non-respondent. Flying in the sim, I try to set HUD as SOI with no luck at all. However, I tested the button a little bit last night while trying to do diagnostics on my joystick issues, and if I "roll" the button from Coolie Hat Right away from me over to Coolie Hat Left rolling via Coolie Hat Up, it occasionally selects HUD as SOI. Pushing Coolie Hat Up does not work, but rolling the button from Right to Left via Up occasionally works. Really weird. Essentially it means I have to flip pages on the right MCFD and left MCFD only to select HUD as SOI, which is really frustrating.

[Out of curiousity, is Coolie Hat Up when you push the button away from you, or towards you? If I pull and hold the button towards me, it shows the weapon profiles on both MCFD]

3. Same issue with TMS Fwd: If I try to use HUD slew to set SPI, TMS Fwd will often not work, i.e. no SPI is set even though I try to do so.

Diagnostics show that all the buttons are working - I checked in the Windows software, I checked in other software and all buttons work. One interesting observation is when I tried to manually map the POV button on the joystick to the View slow functions is that the UL, DL, UR and DR is really difficult to hit - it maps to either e.g. D or R, and only after trying maybe 30 times, it finally hits DR. Maybe that might be part of the reason why the View mapping does not work?

Solutions I have tried so far:

1. Re-setting the controllers: where there was no A-10C folder under Input in the Saved Games directory. After a re-installation of the game, I could not find an Input folder with any files under the Saved Games directory.

2. Repairing DCS World and/or renaming the DCS folder in the Saved Games directory: which did not change anything.

3. Loading existing default profile: which did not seem to work.

4. Re-installing the game from scratch, which did not work.

5. Manually assign buttons in the Options > Controls menu, which did not work.

If there is any materials etc I can provide that would replicate the issue for others, please let me know and I will upload it accordingly. I would really appreciate some advice on this as I am running out of options, yet far from a solution.

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Hi again,

Research is always the answer! After finding out the differences between .diff.lua and .lua, and deleting (1) the entire DCS folder under Saved Games, and deleting (2) the .diff.lua in the Mods/Aircraft/A-10C/Input/A-10C/Joystick, it all of the sudden solved all three problems. What a difference when it all works smoothly! I have to say I love this game, and hopefully this thread will help someone else who have suffered the same issues as me. Now onto the training missions again.
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