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Default 1.2.11 SU-27

It is pretty much impossible to keep a realistic stable formation with another aircraft for the longitudinal axis. I consider the spool up time of the engines realistic but the effect of power changes are way too slow. Also the effect of the airbrake takes very long.

We have the F15C to compare, which is a piece of cake to fly formation with compared to the Su-27. The response of the airbrake and power changes are much more direct. The engine spoolup time and airbrake deployment maybe quicker than the Sukhoi, but it does not differ this much.


BR=55=Sevas pointed me to the answer:

Post # 1592
This part of the model of the engine is not yet completed yet. In the release, all will be.
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Please, PLEASE fix the F-15C easy avionics. Targeting and radar will not lock up. Russian avionics like in the Fulcrum and Flanker work fine. Please go back and fix them for those of us who just like to blow holes in things.

The flight model in the F-15C (the new one) is a work of art. I'm loving it, it's challenging and rewarding, but goodness, please fix the simplified avionics.
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Please make a new thread for each bug in the appropriate sub-forum, thanks.
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