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I have the EVGA 1080 Ti SC2 icx. It works well, though the fans were a bit loud when under heavy load. I ended up modding it with EVGA's hybrid cooler kit. Pretty much dead silent now while staying below 70C.
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Is it worth overclocking the 1080Ti? I'm torn between:
EVGA 1080Ti SC Black Edition £665
EVGA 1080Ti SC2 £695

Previously, more than 12 months ago the SC2 could have been found on offer for around d £660. I'm wondering if either the SC or SC2 will have a more significant price drop after the t11## release?

(BTW I think the 11## will be overpriced from the start... and then the bit coin miners... [sigh]!!!)
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I believe all the 1000 series cards do auto overclocking if you let them. My 1080ti is a Gigabyte Aorus with water cooling, and it ocs over 2ghz if I let it. Which I do :p
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The key in overclocking a 1080ti is cooling !

As long as it stays cold enough it will clock high, as soon as temps go up your clock goes down.

From what I read, good GPU blocks keep mthem at around 28-32°C ( 20°C ambient a must then ) and it will go steady 2100MHz. Below 50°C you can achieve 2050-2075 but it may drop to 2025 or so when you hit 50+°C.

With air cooling I doubt you get to 2GHz steady clocks over hours,
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No chance. I have 1080Ti Strix from the Asus with their custom cooler and even then its downclocking. During gaming sessions gpu runs at around 64-71 deg. I could make it run cooler if Id increase rpm of fans but I have one jet in game, dont need another one in my room
Besides, problem with this gpu is more in relation to VRMs. From all custom 1080Ti's, Asus Strix had the worst VRM cooling and temps of mine reach 92 deg with no decent way to reduce them.
Anyway, at those temps gpu downclocks to 1945-1976 Mhz despite my sincere attempts at pushing it beyond 2000.

For the next gpu generation (be it nvidia or amd) I'm prepared to buy default version and get a waterblock for it. No point in buying custom versions if benefits are still negated by temperatures, better to add waterblock on founders edition and overclock it manually.
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Originally Posted by wilbur81 View Post
Ever looked at the prices of the 1070 after the 1080 came out? Those 1080's won't be going down in price, my friend. Until there's more supply/less demand... all these cards are going to be ridiculous prices.
You forget that 3rd parties have been returning 1080's to Nvidia by the hundreds of thousands. At least one has given back over 300,000. And that's just one. They will go down. Don't kid yourself. They aren't going to destroy them, they will lower the price and sell them.

These articles are from this week.

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