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Post [GUIDE] Traffic patterns, radio navigation and approach

Hello fellow simmers!

During my time simming I've come across people from different backgrounds. Some know close to none of aviation but wish to learn. Some hail from a military background flying combat aircraft for real. And of course everything in between.

Whatever the background, there are those who just want to take their aircraft and go blow things up. On the other hand there are people like me, who wholeheartedly enjoy the whole flight from startup to shutdown.

I've written a guide for those enthusiasts who wish to know and learn how aerial navigation works and how to get an aircraft down safely following a procedure. I'm not suggesting this as any sort of "must read", for this is a hobby for all of us, and you should enjoy your hobby as you see fit. Still, I feel flying "seriously" from the beginning is a definite immersion factor and something at least I personally get a kick out of.

You know... that hair-raising IFR approach in minimum weather after a close-call combat scenario. Something that truly is an experience and something you want to tell your co-simmers about.

I've tried to write the document to be as easy to follow as possible. This way even those unfamiliar with the whole concept should be able to follow and understand.

Long story short, the link is here:

Those who may be interested, the guide is made completely by me from personal experience, pictures and all. If you have any question regarding the document, please feel free to comment down below.

I sincerely hope this document helps those interested, and does NOT annoy those, who just want to go and blow thing up! Let's enjoy the hobby!


30JAN17 - added clarification for the abbreviation GS, that could also mean Ground Speed
- added other abbreviations of localizer in addition to LLZ (now: LOC, LLZ and LL)

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This is awesome, mate! Thanks a lot for this fantastic guide and for me as one who is very interested in learning these things just perfect!!!

Cheers Weasel
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Thank you for this guide. Much appreciated!
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Thanks a lot. Much appreciate.
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Outstanding! Added to my library of must reads.

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Good one MikeMikeJuliet

I spend time in the other sims from time to time and do a little IFR / VFR, Shhh don’t tell anyone.

It’s nice to mix it up in DCS, Sometimes I go from start to finish, organizing all the appropriate departure, arrival charts and checklists, sometimes even all the way down to fuel and weight.

Other times it’s nice to just fire up a quick mission in DCS and blow stuff up and dodge triple-A and forget about proper procedures.

Also HERE is a good compass image if anyone needs one with a Reciprocal Heading that can come in handy at times.

Just to add to your thread if you don’t mind MikeMikeJuliet, for those that are interested.

Another great simple KISS tutorial can be found HERE on this forum about TACAN Navigation, a must if you fly the F-5E. Need-To-Know also made the info he posted it into a PDF and can be found in his post HERE
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Hey there!

Really appreciate your guide. These are things I've wanted to learn but I do better when I have an organized reading rather than videos. Thank you so much!
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Good write-up, definitely worth reading!
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guide, ifr, landing, navigation, vrf

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