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there is already a mil- AB button map. Its called throttle range in controls.

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Originally Posted by Dudikoff View Post
The ED should add better support to easily define the afterburner switch point on the throttle axis (per module I guess), rather than to play with the axis curvature until you hit the sweet spot for your controller. Falcon 4.0 had it.
Jane's sims had that in 1994 when calibrating the throttle axis when most people probably just had a Gravis Analog and not the Pro one which sported a throttle and 4 instead of just 2 buttons. They should even run quite well on your rig (love those specs)

But let's not talk about other products from the past here too much, just take an idea from them to make DCS even better

ED really has to do a little work in the axis section still. Just one more example: We can have a deadzone at the beginning and Sat X and Y. What's missing is a deadzone at the end of an axis. I for one had the idea to just scale the throttle with a deadzone at the end so that basically it would be at full mil when being firewalled and I'd just bind a button to increase thrust to get the rest out of it, or bind a second axis that just covers the range of the AB. It's not possible to cut off at the top end. But on the other hoof I can cut off something at the low end of the throttle range and I'm glad to be at least able to do so as the Hornet, the Harrier and the Viggen have dead ends in the idle zone before the throttle even starts moving.

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Any news on this topic? Thinking about getting the F-5E and I absolutely love the F-18 feature that only let the engine go into AB if I held a button.
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