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Also Coxy - and everyone of course - feel free to edit and alter your submission as much as you want until deadline. Pls edit your original post though and dont submit several times to help us with a clean overview. Thanks. What counts will be the final edit of your post on

January 19th, 0000Zulu.

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Participant: razo+r

NOMINATED WINGMAN: winchesterdelta1

The MiG-Family from 15 to 29


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Speed & Angles - 2 more weeks

Modules are like Pokemon you gotta catch 'em all
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Rofl, ok ok I see now I was confused about the objective of the contest, too.

Nice gesture LN
Whatever you need to be a cold, virtual killing machine Uncle Sam has you covered, and so do I! I'm Troy McClure, would I steer you wrong?
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Campaign Testers
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Participant: Sryan
Nominated Wingman: CaptEdster

I already pre-ordered the viggen though Can I trade it in for a copy of the tomcat? otherwise I'd like to give that away as well.
Check my F-15C guide
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"Skyhawks & Fishbeds in the Nevada Sunrise"

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ED Testers Team
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Some incredible shots here guys.

Keep them coming in!

104th Phoenix Squadron Leader / Total Poser

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Participant: BrokenSteel

Nominated Wingman: Spitty

"Dogfight in the skies of Nevada"

Good luck to everyone!
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Participant: VPS_Mermin
Nominated Wingman: VPS_Spit

(just turn by paint for resizing)

"Take off ambiance"

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Participant:Iaf-Assaf (Assafm25)
Nominated Wingman: ZoRPA
My Screenshot: "through the desert on a horse with no name"


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IAF Anafa

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My System - ASUS Maximus HERO iiiv, CoolMaster 120 Sadion Plus, I7 -6700K @4.0, G.Skill ddr4 16GB ram, Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 , PSU Seasonic X-650W, OCZ 150 500Gb ssd drive X2, Seagate 7200 1T X2.

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