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Default Training Videos

Belsimtek DCS: F-86F-35 Sabre. Take off and landings. Video by Furia.

Belsimtek DCS: F-86F-35 Sabre. Start-up. Video by Furia
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Link seems to be broken for me??

Fixed now thanks!!

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LABS "Over the shoulder"-bombing tutorial:

NDB Navigation:

Dive bombing using the automatic weapon release:

Air-to-Air guns:

Air-to-Air missiles:

Check out my YouTube: xxJohnxx

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Hello John,

I would like to thank you for your video, for the moment it's not easy for release my bombs as you explain with you last video...
I can release in manual mod but not in automatic mod, it's easy to understand...

Thanks again for your sharing and the quality of your video.

Bye, Skull.
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That's because caging doesn't work in bomb mode. The manual states that the pipper is fixed when caged in bomb mode (just like in any other mode) but it's plain to see that it still moves about.
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Originally Posted by Wolf Rider View Post

That second video is great lol
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The plane above, FU-129, was sold/given (under a Mutual Assistance Pact) to the Yugoslavian Air Force in 1961, a then communist state, where F-86's briefly flew along side the Mig-21 in the latter part of their lives. They were decommisioned in the early 1970's. An interesting titbit/tidbit for you.

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Default On the Range #37 - Manual Pip Bombing System

Here is the first of several for the Sabre.

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Excelent video tutorial Bunyap!!
We need more like this ones while we are waiting for the manual or at leas tan acceptable quick start guide.
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