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Default RPM 2200 - 2300 "brake wire" WEP broken

Used to be, starting with max RPM lever, it's maxes at 2200 no matter how throttle was manipulated. Only after RPM lever retarded and readvanced full again, you'd get 2300 rpm.

I figured this was "braking a RPM lever wire" since quick start guide says
Do not allow propeller overspeeding 2350 rpm more than 30 sec, 2300 rpm more than 4 min.
How it works now. Advancing throttle full, it remains 2200 at zero speed. Somewhere below 100 km/h (before IAS needle start moving) it starts creeping towards 2300.

Getting 2200 rpm standing still or very low speed. Either it simulates regulation or it's scripted.

With 108 manifold ("E" WEP), standing still, it does go to 2300 even if manifold 91 (non WEP) doesn't.

If there was a "brake wire" RPM max 2200 to 2300 it's broken now.

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