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Thanks BuzZoo, I have read the manual but it still appears that a clear line is missing.
How are you supposed to naviagte at night without a 'glow' line to follow?
It's hard enough to see that dark needle during the day..
Below are pictures of a real P.8.M for reference, look at the bright white 'glow' line at North adn 30' respectively.
Unless I'm mistaken, that's the lubber line. On our version, there are no 'glow' markings, which makes it hard to navigate. Thanks for the RTFM tip, at least I got the model correct now.

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No worries toby.
I must admit, I have no idea about any of the compass being expected to glow and therefore be functional at night.
I've never really even dabbled with the spit at night, the closest I've gotten is when a multiplayer server first goes up at dawn and I need the left and right flood to start the engine etc. I really need that sun to anything worthwhile though to be honest.
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Geeez...to land a Spit in daylight is bad enough - but a night? Impossible.
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The P11 Lubber Line is there but wrongly turning with Course Setter Scale, so don't serve as reference line.

In this Mk.IX the compass 3D has a fixed vertical pin under Lubber Line position that serves as "workaround".

Looks that in these days most (WWII) players fly by "GPS" and don't care if this compass is not "real" as should.

Anyway fix this require 3D work. On release I point this error in bugs section - but the topic was market "no error"...


Originally Posted by BuzZoo View Post
toby have you read the manual?

This version of the spit has the P.8.M, quoting from the manual:
"Under the glass is the lubber line - a thin wire..."

Exactly as Vino posted, that thin wire IS the lubber line. Also refer to Chuck's guide.
No, P8/11 Compass Lubber Line is part of compass bow on horizontal - see the drawing for manual in the picture, not a vertical pin in compass dial background like in Mk.IX (this seems a "add-hoc" modification):


There in ATAG an guy disassemble a real P-8 and model in 3D - including the correct Lubber Line.


BTW - On "small errors" - T.R. 1134 remote panel operation is not correct for Spitfire - is correct for P-51.


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Thanks Sokol, I appreciate your input. I have a lot of respect for your knowledge over the years.
I will stick with my Kuban career for now and hope that this will be fixed one day.
Meanwhile I wait patiently for my WarBRD and T-50 grip...
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