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Originally Posted by jpuk View Post
Using Stable 2.5.6, from Mission Editor I select View Trigger Zone List and default radius for Sklad (btw. Sklad means Store) is 15 so I changed it to 150.

Regarding UN Campaign, now I have Campaign completeness 97 % because I accidently pressed Complete button instead of Cancel after I failed one previous mission.
Looks like we're both right, I see 15 on the colomn but 49 in the field. However the field is in Feet, then I assum the colomn is in metter. So I edited my post 49ft to 130ft (15m to 40m). The issue don't look to be with the zone but more with the Walker not going to their waypoint. Looks like creator wanted Walker to go to the house, stop 5 seconds during they do their communication, then go back (see picture below). By going to the house that would trigger the communication and activate marker for next trigger. Instead they run about mid way, so never enter the zone.

To remake missions on Campaign, you'll have to remove misison your want to remake from your logbook.

IMPORTANT to make a backup of your logbook before any change.

Go to "...\Saved Games\DCS\MissionEditor", open "logbook.lua" with a LUA editor, delete all missions you want to redo. Note that missions are not in order in your logbook.

Exemple, if I would like to remake missions starting with mission 12, in my logbook I would delete 15, 16 and so on.

"[15] =
["datetime"] = "Wed Jun 24 16:51:03 2020",
["agKills"] = 0,
["aaKills"] = 0,
["stage"] = 12,
["deathsCount"] = 0,
["result"] = 50,
["mission"] = "UN-Pilot_12.miz",
}, -- end of [15]"

The other way is to change the integrity of the campaign with Campaign Builder. You could add the mission into the stage you're now or next one. Here again make a backup. However, you should not worry about the your mission, the UN campagn is made with one mission per stage, if you have at 50 points for a mission, the campaign will let to redoing it. If 100, then you go to next stage (next mission).

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Thanks a lot. I finished the entire campaign today and tomorrow will start the 2025.
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