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Adler Blau
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Virtual squadron joining naval aviation and history fans. F/A-18C Hornet is the main plane of the Tophatters in the DCS World at the moment. All of us can fight it in group or alone against air, ground or naval targets. This doesn't but mean that we are not flying other planes or even helicopters. We are learn together, share experiences and help each other to become successful and get fun during our cooperation flights in online missions and campaigns. We are looking forward when our squadron will get new F-14 Tomcat and F-4 Phantom II.

Do you want to share you knowledges and experience, or not against to learn something new for yourself ?

Do you wish to invite us to a tournament or to find somebody for coop flights in a DCS event ?

Do you want just to talk with us or become one of us ?


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Default 65th vAGRS going public

Hello DCS Pilots, GCI controllers, Combined Arms users, and ATC personnel,

Over the last year the virtual 65th has flown weekly sorties to build our capabilities in the tactical skill-set. With 12 pilots spun up on tactical employment, we feel ready to open our doors to the public, and see what interests is out there from the wider community in either flying with us, or flying against us in a squadron inter-fly.

Many of our pilots have flown together for at least 3 years, but in April of last year we made the full-time transition to DCS and coalesced as the Virtual 65th Squadron -- in honor of the now disbanded 65th AGRS at Nellis AFB, whose mission and mentality is dear to our hearts -- producing better fighter pilots.

Our pilots in the 65th vAGRS have a strong background in real world aviation, and real world military aviation. Five of our pilots are either current or former USAF pilots -- two of them are retired fighter pilots. Another six of our members hold current pilot licenses from the FAA, and several are involved in the aviation industry as airline and cooperate pilots, or work for major aviation firms. Our pilots bring real world experience to DCS from a wide variety of aircraft, including the: T-6A, T-33, T-37, T-38, T-6 Tex II, T-1, F-86H, F-100, F-4E, C-130, KC-135R, the CRJ, and a wide variety of corporate and GA aircraft. Our pilots have flown combat in the skies over Vietnam, and multiple conflicts in the Middle East.

Our squadron is devoted to the realistic employment of aircraft in DCS -- that means realistic in terms of administration, tactics, communications, and airmanship. It also means we are cognizant of the limitations of simulators, and of the real world constraints that life puts on us -- this is a hobby for us, and we don't believe that we can quickly learn the tactical skill-set that takes real-world fighter pilots about 3 years of full time study and practice to get a handle on. That being said, we strive to operate at a high level of realism.

Now, to the details -- Our group flies its regular sorties on Tuesday nights at 0300 zulu time, which is 9pm Central US, 7pm Pacific US time. We have several pilots from Europe, so we also keep our server up 24/7 and work to fly with our European partners throughout the week. We normally launch 8-10 jets on our Tuesday night "GO's." We fly a variety of aircraft, but mostly the F-18, F-5, M2K, and F-15C. We don't want to constrain our members to one particular aircraft, so we are accommodating to what people want to fly. Learning the tactical skill=set is more important to us than learning a particular jet.

Those who apply to fly with us will have the opportunity to get to know us on a "dollar ride," and see if personalities and interests are a good fit. After that, we put students through a 5 ride Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals (IFF) modeled on the real-world USAF course. At the completion of the course, students can decide if they want to stick around for further flying with the v65th as aggressor pilots, or take the lessons learned to the wider DCS community. We are about building better virtual fighter pilots through sharing our experience. Kill pixels tactically, with teammates.

You can reach us through our website: https://v65th.wordpress.com/

Here are two videos of us employing as a 3 ship and a 2 ship:



Looking forward to being part of the community -- both producing better pilots, and flying against current squadrons to meet their aggressor needs.



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You mean these guys?

Reminder: SAM = Speed Bump
I used to play flight sims like you, but then I took a slammer to the knee - Yoda
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Nope. This is a different one.

Certified Airplane Nut

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TheBigTatanka means these guys: https://v65th.wordpress.com/
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Default The Peasant Air Force is recruiting

The Peasant Air Force is a decently well trained and poorly disciplined organization flying 1st and 2nd Gen jets (and props and helos) in DCS World. We fly partially airworthy equipment available to our third world country because we can’t afford those fancy 1st world aircraft. Our air order of battle Includes the Mig-21, F-5, C-101, L-39, Yak-52, Mig-15/19, and Mi-8 and Huey. We are tasked by our glorious dictator with providing air superiority over our country, and supporting our fledgling Army from external threats to our sovereignty. If you reach the merge with a PAF pilot, don’t hesitate, because he’s not and he’s aiming for YOU.

All jokes aside, everyone flies just about every module in DCS. We consist of all North American players with a few transplants from around the globe. You’ll find us on many nights until late Pacific standard time. We have no rank structure or attendance policy, couple of bro’s flying crappy airplanes against overwhelming odds. When you shoot down the player in a F-15 or Hornet in your “trainer” you’ll understand.

We’re a group of dudes who enjoy flying together, NOT just DCS. We like diversity in gaming and fly other sims combat and not combat. We Space Sim, FPS, and play all sorts of strategy games. Know that and don’t get frustrated when we go off on a leave of absence to another game, its about the people, not just the game.

The Peasant Air Force’s history goes back to the original DCS Adversary Squadron “The Adversary Professionals” some six years ago flying the superior Mig-21. With extensive adversary experience and a love of all thing’s aviation, we’ve stayed together and are still strong in sims.

So, what does a group of dudes flying really old aircraft have to deal with?
-Close Air Support without a targeting pod aka you’re using a map
-No radar SA
-Limited countermeasure capability
-Limited speed and maneuverability
-Limited loadout
**You will die many times, and your leader and people will be grateful**

Who do we need?

-players who can use their creativity to solve a complex problem with minimal assets
-players interested in taking an occasional sortie off to GCI, JTAC, operate SAM systems

Discord Rules:
1.) Be humble in the discord, there are a lot of dudes in the Discord who know more about aerial combat than you.
2.) When you join the Discord, be active, tell us about yourself, we’re super chill, be active, *We don’t tolerate lurkers* (you’ve been warned)
3.) Once you’ve spoken to active members on voice, they’ll give the thumbs up, and you’ll be given full access to the Discord.

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/NQKXzhg

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Welcome to the 40th Special Operations Command.

We are a DCS based wing, flying multiple platforms of aircraft.

A little history of the 40th, we are what used to be the 27th Virtual Fighter Wing flying BMS Falcon. In late March early April 2018, we discussed the possibility of switching over to DCS due to a lot of positive developments in that simulation. Once the release of 2.5 was live and we could all fly it we fell in love. We decided that DCS was going to be our new home for good.

A-10C Warthog

AV-8B Harrier

UH-1H Huey

SA-432 Gazelle

F-18 Hornet

F-14 Tomcat

Combined Arms

KA-50 Black Shark

We will be actively support all the air frames above and allow new pilots to fly them, provided they can pass the required checkrides to get qualified on that airframe. In addition we currently run the Caucasus, Persian Gulf and Nevada maps with most training being conducted in Nevada. So if you are looking for a lot of fun and even more challenges you have come to the right place.

The 40th SOC is a group of like minded friends, that enjoy flying DCS in a tactical way to mimic real world operations.
We have our own server that is used everyday of the week for training and operations

Our Discord Link is here - https://discord.gg/uMR8wfc
DO NOT disconnect until one of us has talked to you and assigned you to the group.

The following Code of conduct is set to keep the above and our core values in mind.

1. Demonstrate good manners, courtesy and considerations to others.
2. Never attack or question the motives of another member.
3. During mission briefs only flight leads may talk, after they are done talking they will open the floor to questions, comments and concerns.
4. One person talks at a time, DO NOT try to talk over others, LISTEN to the person speaking.
5. DO NOT dominate conversations, interrupt or participate in side conversations or make any unnecessary remarks.
6. During missions we expect professionalism from all participants. The use of proper brevity is encouraged.
7. Once the mission is over we do a full tacview debrief, you are expected to stay around during this time.
8. Disruptive or disrespectful behavior or any other breach of the code of conduct may result in suspension from participation or dismissal from the 40th SOC

The 40th SOC has a zero tolerance policy for abuse, the use of derogatory remarks, personal insults, threats or any form of racism or discrimination.



CO 40th Special Operations Command

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Looking for a french/european group where training is an actual thing in their vfw
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689th tactical group, comunity, roster, squadron, training

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