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I've has some problems with the TACAN as well as issues with the ICLS in SP ME. For example, in one scenario I set the carrier to 74X, ICLS to CH11 and I had a tanker on Tacan 1X. When I selected 74X T/R for return to the boat I just got the spinning marker and no bearing or distance even at 20 miles out at sea. Set TACAN to 1X A/A for the tanker but now 1X was designating the boat.Need to do more testing though and try to reproduce.
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There's a video on YT somewhere demonstrating the issues with Tacan but it's probably over a year old so it might not be accurate anymore.

Anyway, in the video it shows how you need to assign triggers to the carrier so it will keep Tacan active from one waypoint to another throughout it's entire mission. I'm just getting this off the top of my head so you'll have to watch the vid to see if this may be why you're all having issues. For the record, I'm getting the same issues.
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Default Carrier Tacan not transmitting

I watched the video you are talking about and it teaches you how to set up carrier Tacan for continuous broadcasting it was made by the 104th Sqn. by Maverick good video, easy to follow and works for me. Take a look and take a few notes as you go and DONE!

DCS Mission Editor/How to setup carriers and Tacan and ICLS//// go to You Tube and search for DCS F 18 carrier tacan again good video.

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