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Default [WRONG FLAP SETTING] Trim getting stuck in nose up position


Whenever I take off on the hornet it gets "stuck" in a nose up trim. It happens when I cold start it, when taking off from runway or carrier. Single player and multiplayer and even instant action missions where everything is already "set up". Happens in caucasus and persian gulf.
I attached a track of the problem.

I already tried with other planes and they are normal, I tried disconecting my joystick (HOTAS Warthog) and it still happens so it's not a hardware issue, I already tried reinstalling and it didn't work.

It is happening to me almost every single time, the FCS shows 12 degrees nose up position when keeping the joystick in neutral pulling around 3.5G's, more than 450 knots and you can push the stick all the way forward and it still wont fly straight. You can trim it but it takes forever (around 2 mins) to get to the center position.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Thank you!
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Watched your track and noticed you had flaps in auto when you launched, I tried it myself on that exact mission, they were defaulted to half for me, If I took off with half flaps it works fine, If I take off with flaps in auto I get your issue.
I don't know if its supposed to work like that or not but I know the FCS operates differently with flaps in auto vs flaps in half/full.
Since you had flaps in auto from the start I would check to see if you have "Synchronize Cockpit Controls with HOTAS Controls at Mission Start" under Misc. Options and if you do then either disable it or make sure when you start a mission that the controls are in the correct position.
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Well, so I, ahh, just, ahh, had a weird issue - flew out to the Stinnis to get a few server traps in, because, well, because - got two or three plus a bolter, did a partial refuel on deck thinking I'd go out and hit the tanker before bringing the Bug back to barn - lowered the launch bar, taxied onto Cat 1, linked into the shuttle, extended the wings, set takeoff trim, smartly saluted the shooter, selected Max A/B and shot off the carrier

The jet pulled a crazy half-cobra about 50 yards after I cleared the end of the deck, couple warning horns went off, Master Caution illuminated, and I about shit my self - retracted the gear, pushed HARD forward on the stick and got the nose down, started trying to put in some trim, no response - released a little back pressure and the nose came up wildly but was controllable with lots of forward stick, pulled it back to about 80 % and checked the annunciator panel, no lights there but Master Caution on, Check Trim CAS message on left DDI HUD page - on right DDI FCS page indicated no trim on the elevators (0 deg) but everytime I released the forward pressure the nose came up - I tried resetting the FCS to no avail

Figured I'd try the Autopilot, HAL came on and she calmed right down, so I set course for Al Dhafra at Angels 6 and 350 KIAS and started trying to figure out what happened - I realized that I had failed to put any flaps down for the takeoff, tried resetting the FCS again, no joy, hit the Gain Orride switch, and the nose down force required for level flight wasn't as bad but was still present, and HAL disconnected when I did it, so I reset it to Norm, put HAL back on and kept troubleshooting - the elevators were completely non-responsive to trim

Arrived at Al Dhafra and figured I made it that far so I'd shoot for a landing

Set up for an extended downwind, turned inbound and could not get it to slow down much below 200 with full flaps in and it took a lot of nose down stick, could not get it down for the landing, called a go around

Next attempt I extended even further to the East, configured early and flew the AOA indexer as best I could, was able to get it down to about 185 KIAS with just a little forward stick travel remaining, slowly worked my way down and landed, touched down at around 175 and just made the mid-field turn off on 31L - YES, you read that right, it was showing on speed AOA at 180-190 KIAS

After shutdown I checked the FCS page and it showed 5 deg nose up on the elevators and would not respond to trim inputs, reset the FCS, tried setting T/O trim, even ran FCS BIT, no joy

TL/DR - I broke the jet somehow, not sure what I did, but I did make it back :nerd:

I was drenched in sweat by the time I landed, full-on immersive man - after my recent real-life emergency with my Yak this was a little easier since I could always take the Rift off and just walk away but I was committed to seeing it through and I did manage to bring the jet back but it was pretty damn touch-and-go for a while - while not as jacked up on adrenaline as I was after the prop seal failure and massive oil leak in the Yak, I was definitely amped up, only starting to come back down now 30 minutes later...

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Hi Team,

This "crazy half-cobra" after leaving the carrier is weird, anyone have a solution for that?

Sometimes I have it in Instant mission - Carrier takeoff

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Thank you! This solved my issue, so you need to take off with the flaps in the half position. Whenever I take off with them in auto this happens.
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bug, f-18, nose up, stuck, trim

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