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Originally Posted by Flagrum View Post
I experimented with this setup a bit - with unlim. weapons enabled. It seems, as if the release sequence only iterates over pylons of the same configuration. I.e. only the two inner pylons, releasing 4 bombs, OR only the two outer pylons, releasing 2 bombs. (I manageed to select one of the outer pylons during the auto rearming sequence, and then only those two on the outer pylons are actually released.)
Setting the quantity to 6 when the inner pylons are selected, results in the display of "*6" at the DDI. I assume, the star means "caution, not really feasible value!"? The SMS just does not really "see" the bombs at the outer pylons. You can not really select - until the bombs on the inner pylons are dropped. Even STEP only switches between the two inner pylons.

I wonder now, if such a load out is even certified?
Hmmm, I don't get that asterisk. But as seen at the end of the video, the two leftover bombs drop by themselves clicking twice on the DDI pushbutton to select them, which should never happen. I can reproduce this always in an instant mission that I made.

About the configuration, a few quotes from Stout's "Hornets over Kuwait" (they usually carried 2 bombs on each wing in VER plus one in center pylon, 5 total, and occasionally he drops all of them in a single string. (I have tried this 5 bomb configuration with exactly the same results I was getting with 6 bombs):
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Could it be that the timing in the sim was in ms and not ft? Not talking about how it should be, but did anyone try the same timing at different speeds?

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Originally Posted by IvanK View Post
Actually no. Generally speaking IRL the stick will straddle the target
I wasn't referring to IRL. In the current DCS Hornet it behaves as I described.
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Just to bring the topic back, nothing was commented by ED. Is it going to be fixed?

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