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David OC
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Are you using the allow rudder Yaw trim in the options? I Don't use this, as you need to trim it out to neutral once in hover.

As the others have said, fly the aircraft to the almost perfect hover, direction and position, then use these extra helpers, there not going to be able to correct for major corrections, only to help you out some.

Example: When side on to a 6 knot wind trying to aim, you will need to lean on the rudder pedals, the aircraft will want to weather vane into the wind when trying to hover over a spot on the ground, you may need a little cyclic stick (Trim) into the wind also to help the auto hover hold keep you in the correct position etc.


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Chuck's DCS Tutorial Library. Awesome PDF guides for getting up to speed with aircraft quickly and great for taking a good look at the aircraft available for DCS before purchasing.

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Turn on target should work regardless of whether you're in a hover or not.

If you turn on the targeting system, set T.O.T. then the HMS, you can fly the helicopter where you want by looking and designating...

Unless you have route following or FD on.
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Note that with deffered shading, the AP lights are inverted (Lit when Off and unlit when On) and the button lights on the Auto turn to target, Ground moving target, etc. does not lit, but still works.

Frustrating that a module that once worked more or less flawless, now has become so bugged.
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Originally Posted by Hoggorm View Post

I can't get the Auto Hover and Turn on target feature to work properly in the Ka-50.

Before engaging the auto hover autopilot, I make sure that I am already basically hovering with less than 15 km/h airspeed and no vertical speed.

Pressing Alt-T the Auto Hover autopilot turns on, but it will not hold the aircraft at the current position. It quickly starts to drift away...

I have the same problem with the auto turn to target. When it is on the aircraft will not turn to the target marked by the helmet sight... Instead it will turn to another heading not in the direction of the target area at all... Often 90 deg offset.

What am I doing wrong here?
I'm also having the same problem. I'm not sure when this started, but I just noticed it since the latest update. Also note (ED if your reading this) the indicator lights for both of these functions don't work correctly, and the ones that do, are much too dim.
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Yesterday I've played weapons training mission in 2.5.1 OB last update and auto hover and auto turn on target worked well, apart from the button lights that are broken but it's a known issue.
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I can not turn on Auto Hover when starting at fresh mission.

Ive tried to pinpoint when it works, and I can get it to work, if I first press the Auto Descend button once. Then Auto Hover turns on fine after that. Anyone else have this?

Running OB latest.
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