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Default huey or the 8?

looking to get my next "chopper!
but really cant decide on these two, I know the 8 lifts more etc but in one respect they are so similar in what they do, if you have both what one do you prefer and why. or how did you choose separately.
which one has the nicest set of missions, come with it or downloadable don't mind, and has that "good feel" to it.
I'm sort of swayed by the huey and playing some loud Hendrix or apoc now while flying
thanks for input all
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Owning both modules, I would recommend the Mi-8. Better modeled in several aspects and more fascinating overall. There are also lots of good missions for it. I would warn you though that the Mi-8 is much more complex and difficult to learn than the Huey. So if you're looking towards something intuitive and easier to master I'd say go with the UH-1.
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i have both. can't live without any of them.
mi-8 is more complex since it has autopilot, twin engine, larger body, crowded crew. and also mi-8 has 3 campaigns for now. slightly more weapon carriying capacity including bombs

huey has 2 campaigns for now. less powerful but easy to control. doesn't fall in to vrs that often like mi-8. its front gun is more accurate since you can control it independently.

if you like helicopters, not having any of these two is shame
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I have both. I spend more hours in the Mi-8 by far.

The UH-1 is very maneuverable, can stop on a dime, and is hard to get into VRS. Even if you manage to get into VRS it's easy to get out. The downside is that it's twitchy as hell. My hand cramps from moving the stick so much to keep it under control, and even then I'm still not smooth.

The Mi-8 has a stability augmentation system that makes it super easy to fly, especially with the rudder trimmer. I can fly it with two fingers on the stick, come to a hover, hit the trimmer, and can almost go hands off. The downside is that it is big and heavy, with a lot of inertia. It won't stop on a dime, and takes a long time to slow down. It also tends to go into VRS a lot easier, and getting out of VRS takes some work.
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Originally Posted by thrustvector View Post
I know the 8 lifts more etc but in one respect they are so similar in what they do,
Each feel very different, picked the Huey up in a sale as it was only a 'transport helicopter' and was really surprised how much I liked it.

Did the same for the Mi-8 as I already had the Huey 'transport' but flying the Mi-8 is so different to the Huey, I felt I'd cheated BST out of some well deserved cash.

... if you have both what one do you prefer and why. or how did you choose separately.
Huey because of Vietnam/Hollywood and the general aviation Bell 205.
which one has the nicest set of missions, come with it or downloadable don't mind, and has that "good feel" to it.
Hard to say as I'm a Huey fan, haven't flown all the missions and 2.5 has broken some stuff. IMHO the Mi-8 'feels' the more accurate simulation due to it's greater complexity.
I'm sort of swayed by the huey and playing some loud Hendrix or apoc now while flying
I wouldn't be without the Huey but operation/loadout in 2.5 can be somewhat limited at the moment due to EGT damage modelling (known 1.5.8 bug that might or might not, be fixed soon - depending on the amount of rework needed).

If MP and/or coalition isn't an factor - The Mi-8 is in a better place today, so I'd recommend that, with an eye to pick the Huey up later.

For starting out/general aviation, I'd still recommend the Huey but it's hard to say how much of that is my own bias for the Huey.

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I'd say that there all great and each of the available helicopters in DCS brings it's own characteristics.

Just buy all of the DCS helicopters,..

Although if between Huey and Mi-8, Mi-8.

If there is still a discount for Mi-8 go for it and wait till the others are on sale.
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I don't have the Mi-8 and never will because I prefer my classic American chopper. The Huey is a lovely aircraft, very stable, relatively simple systems wise. she ain't the fastest, best armed, or prettiest, but....wait a sec, she is the prettiest out of the three lol.....

That said the Mi-8 is quickly proving itself a little more capable in ops than my little Huey. Faster, better armed, more troops, the redundancy of a twin powerplant, lots of things make this a better helicopter in almost every regard to the Huey. In fact the only thing I can thing of in a side by side comparison as it pertains to our ops is that the Huey can take a hell of a lot more punishment than the Mi-8 it seems like so far, and yes the Huey is from all reports way easier to fly.

Man, it pains me to say this, but I honestly think that the Mi-8 might be a better purchase for someone indiscriminate.
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for missions i love the mi-8..
its pure truck.. humps all day. and is fun to fly.

for general "having fun flying a helicopter" i always pick the huey.

because the huey is just glorious to fly.
its more "jeep" than "truck". it puts the general in general utility.

you should own both. they go well together and compliment each other, in so many ways.
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Didn't read the comments above but I'm gonna post my opinion anyway; I would buy the Hip first, Hip is a lot more capable, powerful, it has a variety of weapons. It's a twin-engine helicopter, it can do more stuff than the Huey does really. Especially sling loading.

It's very fast, climbs extremely well; it doesn't complain really

They are both great modules, I would eventually buy both if I were you, but get the Hip first!
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I'm an Mi-8 guy really. Apart from what has been said before:
- many interesting systems. Isolated they are quite easy to learn and you can port this knowledge into other aircraft (helicopters of this class and fixed wing!)
- the WIP Mi-24 is very similar systems wise. It will be an incredible combination flying -8 and -24
- the Mi-8 is still in use all over the world both in civil and military versions

- fantastic training videos for the Mi-8 available!! Check my signature!
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