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Originally Posted by Etirion View Post
Very much appreciate posts like this!
Thanks G B and Lex.

Thank you both.
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Thanks guys! I'll save this post in favorites!!
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Great to have this

Read the rules often enough already, but noone cared to explain those like you did. Never understood those lead before things

But... (time for a MEME BREAK!)

Originally Posted by G B View Post
-Underline OK: 5.0 (awarded ONLY for good passes under emergency conditions, or a pilot's final pass of his tour or career)

Same with _EGIW_ BTW... you can firewall the throttle in the wires and still get it

Originally Posted by G B View Post
**Grades with the double asterisk count against boarding rate percentage.
Don't get that though...

Originally Posted by Lex Talionis View Post
not being trimmed "ON SPEED" and / or controlling your glide slope with pitch instead of power given AOA changes with pitch inputs. (red/green chevron )
It's literally very hard to fail at that, yet I see people do that all the time. And it's not just the Reapers. All the other ones who did previews of the SC yanked their stick forward and back as well...

Originally Posted by Lex Talionis View Post
EDIT all of that said, ensure your not re trimming because of flap changes, wing sweep, etc. [...] If you change the fundamental lift /drag aerodynamics of the air frame, you need to re trim.
Isn't that totally contradicting?

Originally Posted by G B View Post
“Start” in this case meaning the start position in the groove. Absolutely imperative that you put a ton of work and effort into getting to a good start: on glideslope, on centerline, on-speed, with the appropriate groove length (15-18 seconds). If you don’t get to a good start, your pass will be much much harder.
Getting that done actually is the hard thing. And it begins with the break. Messing that up messes it up completely until the Bolter including all that ball flying. If I skip the whole CASE I procedure and do it like CASE III, straight in, I noticed it gets much easier to begin with and by ball flying gets better by ages - so I know what to practice...
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Originally Posted by Lex Talionis View Post
Aerodynamic equilibrium as it relates to the horizontal stab, wing, AOA airspeed and how all of that is effected with trim.
I made a video showing this. Also, when students IRL are learning IFR they do maneuvers called an "S-1" and an "S--3" to demonstrate this very concept.

Just trying to help. To each their own.
Good luck
I think he’s thinking about the thrust-pitch couple. A real phenomenon, but as you’ve pointed out, the aircraft will seek it’s trimmed AOA given enough time (assuming positive stability). Of course, that process may take longer than you’re trip down the groove
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That's a great write-up, thanks for taking your time to post it!

Definitely agree that this should be stickied. I think rarely is there a thread that fits so well into a subforum.
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Thanks, everybody. I’m really happy to hear you enjoyed and found it valuable. I can’t sticky it but you know where to find it!
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