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Originally Posted by Wrench View Post
Thanks Grimes. I really think at some point I'll get smart enough to just start PMing you these kinds of questions
Please don't. It's great if these questions and the subsequent answers get shared on the forums, so everyone who wonders about the same issue can find the respective information
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Originally Posted by Grimes View Post
Event comment was an existing event that could occur rarely. Specifically it shouldn't be considered something that only returns a LSO score. For several months it has been occurring when AI land on the boat.

I have requested for it to be part of the land event or a new event specific to LSO scores. No idea if that feature request will go through though.
Is there any way to just limit the LSO grades to the kneeboard and/or debrief screen? I'd kinda like to get rid of the event subtitles on the screen entirely.
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That would depend on ED.
If we make a fuss about it, they may seem to give the LSO grades their own event, and either make it optional to display the text
I doubt they'll remove the text all together as not everyone would like that, and it's the only way we currently have to get the immediate feedback.

Remember it's very early days for the supercarrier, so we're on 'wait and see' status until we hear official word from on high.
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+1 for sepeeate event, I could then simply pull the stats to mysql using Perun app (as any other event generated stats).
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