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Capt Zeen
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Yes! i got version 1.0 of the profile ! Everything is working, all switches, instruments and lamps (Thanks to [FSF]Ian for the help in UV26 digits and MyG for his help in the breakers switches)

Now the question:

Make sense wait a couple of days and implement all the new features promissed in the new beta 1.5, before publishing?

I got all the art and mechanics ready, only need the data from the new switches and instruments.

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Capt Z
Are you waiting until DCS 1.5 to update the F15 and finish your SU-27 profile?
I am curios as to whether 1.5 (or even 2.0) will break Helios now that Gadroc is no longer updating Helios. If so, that is going to be a major pain.
Thanks for all of your work to date.
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Great work Capt Z!

Any other profiles on the horizon?
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Hey Capt Z,

Fantastic work on the MI-8 Helios Profile. It has revolutionised my enjoyment of this already good Heli sim. Now I have great controls of the weapons and everything else. Just brilliant!

Thanks and keep up the good work!

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Thank You Capt.Zeen for yet another wonderful profile! It works like a charm!

My SimPit

Simpit: i7 4770k @3,5GHz, 32GB RAM, Geforce GTX 1080, Oculus Rift, Hotas Warthog, Saitek Panels, Playseat Air Force on custom base
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8086K delid @5.1Ghz under EKWB Water, 2080Ti FE, 32Gb DDR4, 970Pro NvME.
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Very, very good setup!

How are the monitors conected, to which video cards? You are not using SLI... right. Is the intel video adapter used? How is general performance for this setup?

Thank you
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Sweet. I assume it took some time to setup all viewports with correct FOV and so on. Please share some details about this.
I guess those big touchscreen monitors are quite expensive?

Perhaps you should have a separate thread about this setup
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Thanks guys. My rig config is in my signature. All 5 screens are connected on my 2 780Ti, and as a result, I can not use SLI indeed (which is useless at the moment with 1.2). But the overclocked CPU is giving me plenty of fps (between 30 to 50). Note that the picture generated by the DCS sim is not spanned across the whole 5 screens but only on the required area.

There's not a lot of choices for 23 inches multitouch monitors on the market. So it is not cheap, but not completely out of reach either. I didn't bought them at once though.

Setting up the views are pretty straightforward in the .lua file, you can find everything in PeterP threads about multi monitor configuration but I can post my file here if you want.

You'll get a lot more details on the following videos.


8086K delid @5.1Ghz under EKWB Water, 2080Ti FE, 32Gb DDR4, 970Pro NvME.
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capt zeen, helios, mi-8

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