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The autopilot uses FC3 for the FC3 version which is the one that has been released. Since CubanAce is making his own systems with an ESM, I do not think autopilot is working.

Can always be wrong though.
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Please make this happen!

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Originally Posted by DanielNL View Post
Is the autopilot now working, or is this low priority for you currently?

[/B][/B]Auto Pilot does work, it is displayed on the RIGHT MFD by hitting key number 1 by default just like in Su-27,This PAK FA version uses the FC3 systems for Radar and Navigation and weapon deployment,the only thing Scratch built is the Flight Model.

SU-57 ESM PROJECT (NOt Released)

Under development and will have everything of its own and not use FC3 or any other dcs module to work.

Auto Pilot DEMO. "NOTE"The auto pilot showcased here is from the released version of the PAK FA.

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SU-57 PAK FA Project
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