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Great work. Kudos!
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Simply super.

Thanks so much for this.

As someone struggling to get to grips with the Tomcat, and not the time I would like to sit down and digest the full manual from Heat blur then this has been a god send to get me into a position that I can actually start flying with half an idea of what I'm doing.

Really great work.
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Much appreciated!
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This is one of the most in depth guides Ive seen for the Cat yet.

It would be nice if the pages could be broken out of the document though. I'd like to put a few of them in my kneeboard.
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Fantastic, thank you.
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Thank you putting your time an effort into this, much appreciated!
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There are some inaccuracies... (apologies I'm anal) Nice job overall though The most glaring one is that you say 90% for takeoff, the takeoff should be performed at MIL power...:
The Takeoff:

4. Increase thrust to 90% to begin roll - Correct but then increase to MIL power

6. Pull back on stick 25° until liftoff – don't exceed 10° pitch - not sure where the 25 degrees comes from... NATOPS says "Maintain the control stick at the
trimmed condition during the prerotation ground roll phase
to minimize aircraft drag. After the pre-computed rotation
speed (refer to NAVAIR 01-F14AAP-1.1), smoothly pull the
control stick aft to position the HUD waterline at a 7_ to 10_
pitch attitude until safely airborne"
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