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Originally Posted by Harlikwin View Post
I strongly support this. Does it pass IC yet? I only really fly the Cat online sooo that matters to me.

It will once he updates it for Custom Cockpits. See Below.

Originally Posted by Fubarbrickdust View Post
Mod updated to v0.3 - See 1st post for details


Saved Games 'Custom Cockpit' availability - this is gonna have to wait a bit longer as it isn't working on the HB/ED side. They are aware and it's been submitted and acknowledged as a issue/bug.

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Default Mod Updated to v0.4

Mod updated to v0.4 - See 1st post for details. Thought I'd push this update out as 'life' has me pretty busy over the next week...

Biggest change: RIO pit well underway! Changelog below

v0.4 - RIO Pit Underway. Buttons Buttons Buttons!
- 1st pass on the RIO pit done. All centre and majority of left panels complete. All pushbuttons + back lights reworked.
- Reworked compass instruments (after suggestion from forum member 'Larkis', thanks for the idea!).
- Added pointer marks to RIO radio selector switch knobs.
- Fixed TACAN dial number legibility issue from previous release.

It's looking highly likely that the next release will be the final one before moving on to the next 'VR Friendly Pit'...

Plans are to finish off the RIO office, of course. Add the BE option for the rear. Iron out any fixes that are needed. And hopefully have the mod IC compliant via the Custom Cockpit option...Obviously depending on wether the fix from ED/HB is in place by then.

If the latter doesn't happen in time, I'll be keeping my ear to the ground and update the mod as soon as it does.

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Great work! You are AWESOME
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