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The 14 is easier to learn from the pilot seat. The 18 isn't too far behind. The 14 has a steeper flying learning curve since there is no FBW, but as far as launching missles and dropping bombs, the 14 from the pilot seat is pretty simple - jester does everything for you. All you have to do is fly the plane and pull the trigger and toggle between AA, AG, etc... Its a tough question to answer since its really comparing apples to oranges. The two planes are not similar. The 14 was designed as an interceptor with the intent to take as much workload off the pilot so they can fly the jet - the rio/jester, does all the navigation, fences in your weapons, controls the radar, controls the lantirn targeting pod, etc... HB did a really great job in maintaining the discrepancy between the pilot and the rio on the 14 module. The 18 is better compared to a similar multirole single-seat plane that we currently have in dcs, like the harrier or a10c. If you primarily fly multiplayer, then just invest in the 14, since it really is a module made for cooperative simming. If you just want to fly single player missions against AI etc.. then you'll be happier taking the time to learn the hornet.

You will feel disappointed as far the engines go in the hornet. The tomcat has some serious power. You can really turn the tables on a WVR engagement pretty quick by just using the tomcats power to extend and get some serious height advantage - not sure this will be the case with the A variant due to underpowered engines subject to compressor stalls.
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LOL! Love them both but handling is quite different.
Systems for each comes with seat time, one is no harder than the other.

But For me...

F18: Ferrari

F14: Truck
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Besides what has been already stated ( f18 being easier to fly) the hornet despite being a different class of airplane is at the same time a much more modern experience than the tomcat. Sure the tomcat has best standoff capability with its awg9 radar and aim54, but otherwise the hornet has alot more going for it

If you want a cold war bird with more old school avionics the F14. If you want a 21st century modern multirole experience the hornet.

Sure there is in a way less to learn if just piloting a tomcat since jester ( or human) does alot of stuff for you but while the Hornets single seat position suite means learning systems and weapons and navigation being the sole operator but at the the same time workload is very much manageable due to digitization. its avionics functions are logically laid out and user friendly.

It is overall a more modern ( and a proper multi-role) aircraft and is arguably the master of wvr combat given its high nose point authority, even more so considering it has aim9x and jhmcs. Furthermore its amraam capability and being able to hold up to 10 of them its still a very capable in BVR even though it doesnt have the raw standoff range of a Tomcat/.

Honestly It would have been a tougher choice if it were the F14D variation vs the FA18C.



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Originally Posted by Kev2go View Post
It would have been a tougher choice if it were the f14d varation vs the fa18c.

I for one love a beautiful modern avionics office.
They are just thrilling to work in. Pretty why modern American jet fighters will always have a special place in my heart.

The Hornet is amazing and deep in systems. Relevant flight information presented to the pilot in user friendly manner.

I am finding the F-14 Tomcat quite interesting and challenge. In all my flight sim days coming from the EF2000 Typhoon, F-22 Raptor, A-10C, Janes F-15, F-16, never flew any aircraft uniquely different in design, flight system and dual pilot role like the F-14 Tomcat.
Taking the experience with the F-14 quite well so far though tough honestly with the HUD, constant system scan and having to trim regularly.

The good thing for me is that when the F-14B get too tough and challenging especially, I have the ever friendly Hornet to run to and get my feel good sensation back with.

The alternate experience is really been worthwhile.
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To me, it isn't a choice between which one, it's only a choice of which I want to learn first. It would be a sin to not have both the F/A-18 and the F-14!

That said, one of the things I'm really liking about F-14, as already mentioned, is the lessened workload on the pilot. Sometimes planes in DCS can be pretty mouse-click or keyboard intensive, which at times can be awkward and distracting especially if you are trying to really get good technique down. It isn't a big deal, but as someone very much in the learning process of carrier ops and operating within a squadron, being able to concentrate on just the flying and fundamental technique while either a human or Jester handles certain aspects goes a long way towards easing the learning curve for me. I'll get to learning the F/A-18, in depth, in time, but I think that for someone like me who is very new to the proper operation of carrier jets, the F-14 was the right choice for me to do first. With the F-14, more than a RIO that helps us fight the bandits, we can literally have an experienced human instructor in the back seat. At my noob level of knowledge, I think choosing the F-14 to start with will make me a better virtual naval aviator in the long run.

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Originally Posted by MegOhm_SD View Post
But For me...

F18: Ferrari

F14: Truck

Now this is a great analogy. The Hornet is high performance, quick and nimble. The Tomcat is rugged and all about raw power and brute strength.

Originally Posted by Kev2go View Post
It would have been a tougher choice if it were the f14d varation vs the fa18c.
I agree. I really wish Heatblur would have decided to make the F-14D instead as it would fit much better into the current DCS environment. I also believe that the DFCS would translate better to a desktop simulator than the AFCS does.
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