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Originally Posted by =4c=Nikola View Post
Maybe they have placed targets on coordinates with whole numbers, without decimal.
i really just put in DD MM SS the target coords from tacview

edit: tacview pilot Pin-Lui https://www.dropbox.com/s/afr9us36xx1ib05/dcs.acmi?dl=0

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Originally Posted by joeshenglingyuan View Post
TBH, I can type in either longitude and latitude with a double press, but it often results in the other flashing and not be able to be input.

To simplify from the nice detailed answer above: You were likely trying to enter DECIMAL of the minutes (i.e. a number greater than 60) rather than SECONDS. Use 60 seconds X the decimal minute. So 43.54.743 (DD.MM.MMM) needs to be entered as 43.54.4458 -- the 44.58 seconds is 60 seconds x 0.743 minutes. Took me a while to figure out why I kept getting flashing entry sometimes, but not always. If it happened to be less than 60 it would accept the entry, but you won't have properly entered the co-ordinates. For example it would take entry of "50" seconds (0.50 minutes) as valid but you should have entered 30 seconds and in this case you will have actually entered 50 seconds.

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Originally Posted by Harker View Post
You enter enter your DD,MM,SS, hit Enter and then you either enter the last two decimals for the seconds (so you have DD,MM,SS.ss) or hit enter again to skip the decimals.

Keep in mind that with the decimals, you have an accuracy of 1 meter, without them it's lower (100m i think?)
Hi guys, just for information:
For latitude: N/S AA°BB'CC"DD

1° = 60Nm
1' = 1Nm
1" = 1/60 = 0.016667Nm = 30.9m = 100ft

So so 1 decimal second (DD in my format) is 0.3m or 01 ft.

The longitude accuracy will change according to latitude but will be equal on equator or less.

It's plenty accurate enough to put bombs on target
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The above make sense. I just remembered 100 without decimals and 1 with both decimals, I was unsure if it was meters or feet.
There's a new JTAC script that gives a DD/MM/SS.ss format on the User Files section. Looks good, but I haven't tested it yet myself.
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