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Originally Posted by viper2097 View Post
Would help nothing. The Aim-54 does not go pitbull in STT. When you loose lock, you also loose the missile. There is no active command sent to the missile. - Point 1
Point 1 and Point 2 contradict. You can't switch to pulse mode in TWS, which implies he's talking about STT lock firing of the 54 in point 2 when he says that switching from PD to P mode loses the 54 if it's in flight. That also means that he's implying that an active command is sent during STT, which he directly contradicts in his response to point 1... or at least your understanding of it. IRL, the 54 is given an active command when it's in rang of the target in STT mode. You can also launch it active off the rail but remain STT guided the whole way. It makes no sense, given that you can make it active off the rail while remaining STT guided that it would not receive the command to go active, unless, of course, the missile is flying a profile outside the STT beam width, which would preclude it from receiving the active command. TWS has a much much larger scan volume, but I have no idea how that actually works.
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It doesn't need to be in the beam. The command is carried on the sidelobes.

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Eventually switching out of PD will loose the missile yes as this i how it was irl afaik.

Just keep in mind that currently the AIM-54 works exactly like a AIM-120 in DCS. It will always go active within a certain distance to target.

The first improvement we plan to add is to stop the seeker from going active until we tell it to which will mean that we can implement the PD-STT mode were it never goes active as well as fine tune when it goes active in TWS.
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