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Question DCS Intro screen screenshot competition.

Haven't looked to see if this has already been requested but one of the other sims I'm involved in has a weekly screenshot competition with some relatively tight guidelines that are voted on by members of the community...

I find many of the different themes less than inspiring yet I do see some very impressive creativity on the part of the community.

Certainly there were also some challenges with people and multiple accounts voting for themselves- so it would require some oversight and the ED / 3rd party devs would need to have the final say on photos regarding their own modules... but I think it would be a great opportunity to provide exposure to the creativity in the community as well as a fresh look at different aspects of DCS World.

A couple things (I feel) that helped:

1) I don't think weekly is necessary but maybe a monthly event to help minimize oversight and also test the concept?
2) A defined theme, providing participants with the broadest possible opportunity to capture the theme with a wide variety of modules.
3) Specific resolution limitations so that people with lower end, single monitor systems are able to participate.
4) Participants need to disclose what map / module they were using when the photo was taken.

If not a game / title screen shot then it could be a forum banner...

Just thinking...
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i actually like the idea.
It's a way to get the community together and involved in something more "intimate" with the sim,
I doubt it will happen though, at least for the in-game menu background, simply because ED has it "local" to each computer and would require a patch download for it to change.
Many games, especially the latest installments of known series (COD, BF, free stuff like WT and such) have part of their stuff streamed from a server, so they can alter things without the need of a download for clients (there's still a download but you don't see it anyway)
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I think you guys need to take this to reddit
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