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View Poll Results: Would you rather be in a Hornet or Tomcat during a close in BFM engagement ?
Hornet - better turn radius. I'll be turning circles inside an F-14 128 71.51%
Tomcat - Raw Power and two heads vs 1 will win the day 51 28.49%
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Default Hornet or Tomcat ?

Would you rather be in Tomcat or Hornet in a close-in BFM fight ?

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Tomcat... when the Hornet driver looses sight on me, I can feel the need and just get away with him running out of fuel and falling behind, just in case. Getting back home in one piece is more important than shooting things down.
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you mean if....
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Depends mostly on who is/are flying them.
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Originally Posted by Cake View Post
Depends mostly on who is/are flying them.

yep all depends on how good the pilot is on that particular aircraft
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The Hornet is seriously intimidating in a knife fight.
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Originally Posted by Eldur View Post
when the Hornet driver looses sight on me...
You do realise how big the F14 is right?
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From the book "Hornets over Kuwait":

"Today, with the benefit of hindsight, and the clear knowledge that the F/A-18 is far superior to the F-14 in almost every respect,"


"Here you go: an honest comparison of how the aircraft performs relative to some of the other stuff that’s out there. The F-15 carries the same air-to-air weapons as the F/A-18, but has a better radar and associated systems that allow it to be more discriminatory about who and how it’s targeting at long range. Within visual range, similarly configured, the Hornet is more maneuverable and a better dogfighter. From a visual neutral start, similarly configured, I have never lost a “knife” fight with an Eagle. Also, the F-15 is not configured for air-to-ground operations. I can shoot down MIGs before and after I support my marine brethren on the ground. The F-15E is designed for the air-to-ground strike role, and it does outperform the Hornet in this role. However, the F-15E is very expensive and there are relatively few of them. At beyond visual range the F/A-18 is comparably equipped to the F-16, which is now (post Gulf War) capable of launching a radar missile. Within visual range I consider a well-flown Falcon (or Viper, as it is also called) to be a more formidable foe than the F-15. The Hornet’s slow-speed capabilities are still superior. Again, from a visual neutral start, similarly configured, I have never lost a knife fight with an F-16. Like the F-15, and just about everything else, the F-16 is faster than the F/A-18 and can run it down in a pinch. I’ve gotten engaged visually with a Mirage 2000 just once. I was carrying two external tanks, he was carrying none, and I beat him. The AV-8B Harrier doesn’t stand a chance against the F/A-18, or any of the other fourth generation fighters. The Air Defense Variant (ADV) of the Tornado is no match for the Hornet. The F-14 and F-4, likewise, are older and much less capable than the F/A-18. It is my opinion also that the Hornet can handle any Russian fighter currently fielded in any arena. I don’t mean to imply that Hornets don’t get beaten in dogfights by other aircraft. They do. The performance figures of most fourth generation fighters are very close. My personal contention is than an F/A-18, with an experienced pilot, in the visual arena against any similarly configured aircraft, is very difficult if not impossible to beat, depending on the other aircraft type and pilot. If you break out performance charts and start crunching numbers, you’ll find that several fourth-generation fighters have a certain envelope or regime within which they are superior to another given fighter. But, in a slow-speed fight (where most fights end up), the Hornet is tops."

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JHMCS + AIM-9X = nuf said.
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Originally Posted by Airhunter View Post
JHMCS + AIM-9X = nuf said.
Grow up
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