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Default Navigraph's FlightSim Community Survey 2018 Results

In page 71:
"We would also like to highlight that many of the respondents indicated that they fly DCS World. This platform was not included in the 2017 survey, which further emphasizes the fact that comparisons are not straightforward."
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I'm curious about the drink trolley 4% of respondents claim to have in their simulator setup. Do people role play as a steward while on autopilot to their destination?
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I wheel mine in to hold my beverages and snacks, also to hold manuals and books while I'm simming whether aircraft, hunting or race cars. I also use it when I'm just watching films, it has been a great and handy addition to my gear.

Disclaimer: I never participated in the above survey.
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I took the time to go through the whole PDF ... I found a very good comparison that I like.

When asked about what kind of features are important, Audio(Sounds) actually won over External Visuals by quite a bit. So people think Audio is important and that is correct, it is, it can make things feel a lot better with the same exact visuals. Audio is weird, if it's not as good the human mind has ability to tolerate and kinda deal with it, to some extent, annoying audio can ruin everything, but if it's good it lifts up the overall experience.
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