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It’s like a train wreck that I can’t look away from.

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Originally Posted by Mover View Post
I don't disagree with that. Lack of feel is a huge problem with gaming in general. This is why sim pilots typically do better than real pilots.

On the video in question, it was my first time in the Tomcat. I did not (As with most DCS videos I make) intend to simulate anything. I fly them for fun. I crash a lot. If I flew anything in real life as I do in the game, I wouldn't be here today.

I understood it was your first time in the simulated Tomcat, i took this example to remark the huge difficulties to percept g force inside the simulated Tomcat, especially during an hard dogfight. With others simulated jet, who have the g-limiter and g-indicator, there are much less difficulties to respect imposed limits.

Originally Posted by Mover View Post
To your point about having to look inside - I fly a real jet right now with no HUD. I'm constantly having to crosscheck inside the cockpit for altitude, airspeed, and G forces during a fight. That argument is invalid.

I just told that with a real jet is more easy to keep under control g force so i believe you. The problem is with simulated jet.

Originally Posted by Mover View Post
No, you're trying to convince everyone why you're right and we're wrong. It's a dead horse.
Yes, that's true, i seemed to have always been clear about this but i also think i wrote my arguments, right or wrong they are, but i also would like to learn more.

Originally Posted by Mover View Post

You bet. Will you be participating in the tournament?

This weekend i'm away with my family but i would have liked to have participated, even though i think i would have been eliminated very soon
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Hey Guys , Anyone else waiting for the Email for the Tournament form Givergy ? to register your aircraft and check your slot time ?
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Phil C6
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Hi, where could we get the mission?

Best regards
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should have been emailed to you!

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