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Default Jolly Roger campaign for F-14B

I've been having fun flying the F-14 and my first campaign seemed to go well so I thought I'd combine the two and have another go at campaign building. That and I was interested in a Tomcat vs Tomcat scenario.

It is an 8 mission campaign, I think about medium level difficulty and flying times from 30 to 45 minutes, no air - air refueling required, although all missions are cold start.

You'll be flying the F-14 off the USS Nimitz in the Persian Gulf during early 1988 at the end of the Iran - Iraq war with VF-84, because who doesn't want to fly a Tomcat with a skull and bones on the tail?

Duties included: Interception, ground attack, CAP and escort missions.
A couple of things to note: Although this is based off the events of the Iran - Iraq war, the campaign itself and the missions therein are entirely fictional.
-Second, I had to use F-14B's as Iran aircraft as in the practice runs i did the AI F-14A's and their phoenix missiles could pull off x-wing type maneuvers.
-Third, the skin I used for the player aircraft is actually for VF-103, as I couldn't find a tomcat skin for VF-84 (a small point but it rattles the OCD demon's cage).

Constructive criticisms always welcome.

Good hunting, have fun.

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Many thanks for this campaign, I will try to give you feedback as soon as I started it.
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