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This is not a mod I had known or was expecting to get, but I will surely get!!!
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Originally Posted by RedKite View Post
Sure! my favourite bug was firing rockets removed drag from the rocket pod, giving negative drag, and so letting you get up to warp speeds, best i managed was mach 6 before the plane disintegrated at about 160,000ft This has already been fixed sadly.
Too bad we can't experience that ourselves before the first hotfix... just for the fun this would have been great

Remembers me of the Hornet after dropping Mk. 83s and leaving the BRUs on - just that this gave a boost of about M0.2 which didn't really make that much of a difference anyway. ED fixed that, quite late though, but left the excessive drag of the LAU-115 pylons untouched, so if you wanna carry some Sparrows old school, cold war style, you're almost about to be overtaken by some Warthogs unless you keep your cans lit... and you can't even jett off that excessive drag at all. Just like the Tomcat with TALDs or those "rocket pod trees".

Originally Posted by RedKite View Post
The developers have been absolutely great, talking with everyone who has review/preview access. Quickly fixing reported issues and discussing feedback. Really enjoyed being involved in this pre-release. They seem like great people, been very helpful for us producing videos/guides.
That sure sounds absolutely great!
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Outstanding video and very informative first look at this aircraft!
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