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Default Business update and outcome

Following a shareholders meeting with our investors this week, development of modules for DCS was high on the agenda amongst other business development items.

Following the recent activity in regards to contract renewals for specific aircraft modules we were in the process of developing and heavily invested in, the following conclusions were made regarding moving forward with DCS module development:

DCS will no longer be our primary development platform.

That said; we are committed to getting Hawk out of early access and released as soon as possible. This will involve updated PBR cockpit textures, bug fixes for major systems, bugs recorded internally with ED and any found with future DCS patches as ongoing maintenance.

Development of P-40F for DCS will resume but will not take precedence of development over other platforms. We maintain that we do not expect to release P-40F prior to 2.5 and a release schedule will be confirmed when the module is ready for beta.

When P-40F is ready for review in DCS; we will, as previously agreed with TFC arrange an acceptance demonstration with a view of releasing the aircraft to you, the public.

Development work on our other aircraft will no longer continue for DCS.

If, at a suitable time, we however convert these assets for DCS we will confirm this in due course when the aircraft is ready for release, not during its development cycle.

Chris and I along with the entire VEAO family appreciate the support of the DCS Community during this time and continuing into the future of our modules in DCS world.

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Appreciate the Info. Sad News, but understandable to a certain point.
I sincerely hope to see the Eurofighter Typhoon in DCS one day and fingers crossed the P-40F will work out for you guys.
It was an amazing plane when I flew it at Duxford two years ago.

maybe DCS World 2.5 can prove to be a stable platform and attract conversions for the other aircraft you have under development.

A real pity it has taken this course... See you around.

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Good luck with the other platforms, and P-40 too, I am looking forward to flying it in DCS. Hopefully it will happen after 2.5 as you guys said.
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bummer, but such is life (and business).

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Thanks for the heads up. I can't say it was unexpected outcome.

I wish you success with other platforms.
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It's a pity ... I really had hopes that you would be able to fix things with ED and continue working on the P-40, as well as the Hawk.

I own the Hawk, and even if nowadays I actually dont fly much with it, I was always hopeful that you would eventually fully fix it.

Wish you all the best with this new business direction,
Best regards.
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This should be a single locked post and stickied to the top imo.
Nothing to actually discuss between forum members, but it is important news.

That said, it is a shame as there were a couple of future modules I was looking forward to.

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If only I had the same eye for buying lottery than I do for predicting when a developer is not going to meet their goals...
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What platform is going to be your primary now?
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Originally Posted by Esac_mirmidon View Post
What platform is going to be your primary now?
i wonder that too
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