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It may or may not be related, but I found that the TGP induces ever so slight amounts of yaw drag on the right. I have to trim rudder left slightly to compensate if I'm carrying the TGP. If you try to trim it out with roll, you end up slowly rolling left no matter what you do.
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Originally Posted by Wags View Post
Many thanks, we are pretty sure the TCTS pod is the culprit, and it is used in many inf the included instant action missions.

Don't know if this bug has been found internally yet, but as of today me and 3 others experienced this during our own mp session.

4 Jets, started Parking Hot with all weapons already loaded.
100% Fuel, 2x Wing Tanks, 2x mk84 and 4x Aim9L,
Persian Gulf, no wind.
Id say we all noticed this issue pretty early in flight, so low fuel state seems not to be the issue.

Have noticed this issue earlier playing around in the editor, was really easy to spot when you fastforward time. Double checked using rctrl+enter making sure no inputs were made from stick or rudder.
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Originally Posted by uri_ba View Post
Unless that is the bug

I'd say that it's not a bug.. it's a feature...
Let's not forget that the Viper is a weapons platform that happens to fly to the theatre on the double.

I flew several single piston GA planes over the years and I can tell you.... You really have to work hard and precise on your pedals, especially in crosswind

My feelings about this EA Viper are mainly positive, despite of some functions that are still under construction.

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I got this weird problem today happen, I was on a multiplayer server, I had just fired my final a2a weapon and was clean except for pylons running at low altitude around mach 1, low on fuel about 500lbs and the plane just started to oscillate by itself, uncontrollably, until my pilot blacked out and crashed into the ground.

*edit and I'm pretty much certain I wasn't hit by anything as I was being guided by GCI and nothing was within weapon parameters, but I'll check the tacview when it becomes available.*

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Originally Posted by uri_ba View Post
When engine spools up rapidly, the interia from the engine should induce a roll left and Pretty aggressive one too.

Maybe this is modeled, but not tied into fan acceleration/deceleration but rather to RPM. (Constant RPM is neutral)
By this logic, the M2000 should also do this but I don’t recall it ever being reported.
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